Town Ordinances



Open Container

Possess an open container of an alcoholic beverage in a public place.  Fine $124.00


Dump, discard, deposit, throw, or leave litter on any public place. Fine $186.00

Public Urination


Urinate, defecate, or fornicate or expose their genitals, on any public place or property, or in any private place or property viewable from any public place. Fine $248.00



No person shall ride a skate board on any sidewalk or street in the following area of the town of Plymouth delineated by the following boundaries: 


> From and including the south sidewalk of Highland Street from Main Street to Langdon Street, then north to and including the north sidewalk of Merrill Street from Langdon Street to Main Street. 


> From and including the west sidewalk of Langdon Street (within the above southerly and northerly boundaries) to and including Main Street and its adjacent sidewalks. 


>Main Street and its adjacent sidewalks in its entirety.  


Any person violating the provisions of this ordinance shall be fined up to one hundred dollars ($124.00) and/or the skateboard may be confiscated by the Police Department of the town.


Disorderly Actions / Noise

The Plymouth Police Department wants everyone in our community to understand the reasons behind police responses to noise violations. There are no time limits on when a noise complaint can be reported to local or campus police. Although many complaints called in are during late night hours, it is possible to be summonsed for a noise violation at any time of the day or night.


You may never have thought about it before, but even small amounts of noise from a loud television, or stereo, or even people conversing in a party atmosphere inside a home can travel blocks away, especially late at night. By keeping windows and doors closed, many noise complaints are avoided. 


Even though Plymouth is a college town there are many local residents who live in the area along with you. Most are great neighbors who appreciate the presence of the University. Many of them have large levels of tolerance and never call in any complaints. But many are parents, or young school children, or senior citizens who have other needs, like work the next morning, or school. Simply put, they must value quiet time differently than you, especially during the late night hours. 


The Plymouth Police Department has a presumptive policy on all noise complaints, meaning it is not our policy to issue warnings on any founded noise complaints.  If the responding officer determines that the noise generated could disturb the average sensibilities of anyone else in a public or private place near your residence, in most cases a summons is issued. 


If you are summonsed for a first offense, the fine is $372.00 and the second offense is $744.00. In all instances, the police send a letter to the property owner/landlord describing the incident, and the names of those summonsed may be printed in the local papers. 


All cases where a summonsed has been issued are referred to the Plymouth State University Dean of Students for appropriate judicial sanctions. 


You and all tenants are held responsible regardless of the individuals making the noise. The local ordinance allows for the citation of the tenants that did allow noise problems to occur or continue... meaning that you are seen as the responsible party for any and all activity in or on your property. 


Occasionally warnings will be issued. The Plymouth Police do spend time on routine patrol, and if officers notice any noise related problems BEFORE a complaint is called in, we can (and many times do) stop and visit with residents to give them a proactive warning. But once a complaint is called in, the officers must issue a ticket if the noise is unreasonable. 


Through a cooperative agreement, Plymouth and University Police officers have the same authority no matter where they patrol. Both agencies are able to handle calls for service both on and off campus when necessary.  


To avoid complaints it is best to get to know your neighbors, perhaps even giving them your phone number so that in case of a noise issue you may be contacted rather than the Police. 





Hosting Underage Drinking Party/ Places of Assembly


The Plymouth Police Department wants everyone in our community to understand that in September 2004, the Police Department began enforcing the requirements for a Permit to operate a Place of Assembly. Also, a new law, Facilitating a Drug or Underage Alcohol House Party (NH RSA 644:18) will be enforced.

The National Fire Prevention code defines Assembly Occupancy as; "An occupancy used for gathering of 50 or more persons for deliberation, worship, entertainment, eating, drinking, amusement, awaiting transportation, or similar uses." This means that if the police respond to your apartment and find more than 50 persons inside the dwelling you will be summonsed to the Plymouth District Court. Any tenant present in the apartment at the time that the police respond may receive a summons.  

If you are summonsed you must make an appearance in the Plymouth District Court. Although fines are at the discretion of the Court, the normal fine for this violation is $500 for the first offense and $1000 for a subsequent offense. In all instances police send a letter to the property owner/landlord describing the incident, and the names of those summonsed may be printed in the local papers. Occasionally a warning will be issued at the discretion of the officer. If you are found to be violating this law a second time you will be summonsed to Court. No warnings will be issued for hosting underage alcohol parties.  

NH RSA 644:18 - Facilitating a Drug or Underage Alcohol House Party states that it is unlawful to host a gathering of 5 or more persons under the age of 21 where at least one person under the age of 21 is consuming alcohol or uses an illegal drug. If police respond to your residence to find 5 people under the age of 21, and find just one person consuming alcohol, you may be arrested. This is a Class A Misdemeanor. All cases where a summons has been issued or an arrest is made you will be referred to the Plymouth State University Dean of Students for appropriate judicial action. Both campus police as well as city police are able to handle calls both on and off campus while having the same authority.  

To prevent yourself from violating this law, do not overcrowd your apartment. Be aware of who your guests are, noting if anyone is under the age of 21.  It does not matter that you did not provide the alcohol; you are at fault by providing a place to drink. This law applies to you no matter where you live; on campus or off.